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qldvendingmodelYour #1 QLD Vending Machines Supplier

Queensland Free Vending is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted QLD vending machines companies. We supply systems all across Australia and have been doing so successfully for 20 years.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we are not just any old supplier. Instead, we provide you with Australia’s most reliable and modern designed vending machines available. High reliability and functionality is what QLD vending is all about.

Together with your free system, you will also enjoy a  complete vending service, at no cost. This service also comes with free delivery, installation and weekly refilling of products.

We provide new models and Australia’s largest range of snacks and drinks. Our range covers all of your favourite naughty items, along with a more vibrant and health conscious range.

Gluten free chips, muesli bars, protein, cheese, tunas, juices and coconut water are just some of our new products with a healthier bite!

Not only that, but we strongly focus on providing you with the best customer support in the industry. In fact we will include support for the life of the machine.

All of our machines are brand new, reliable and state of the art. You can imagine having thousands of units around Australia, that we want them in the best working condition possible. We have tried many models in the past and discovered most were not up to par. We offer you a small yet top of the range line that contains custom parts. Amazingly our customers have had machines that continue to work flawlessly for 10+ years.

Feed your staff & keep them happy
It should come at no surprise to you that hungry/thirsty employees find it more difficult to keep their mind on their jobs. Placing a vending machine in your workplace is an easy and effective way to keep everyone happier at work. Each day can be filled with yummy goodness as you’ll have Australia’s largest range of snacks at your finger tips.

Since QLD vending is an independent vendor, a huge benefit is that we are don’t favor any one companies products over another.  We are completely unbiased. What this means is we can offer you a diverse range of snack & drinks to choose from. This is unlike some other companies who tend to only provide you with only their own brand of items.

An added benefit to placing our systems at your work place is that your staff will no longer go without! Instead they will be completely satisfied which leads to greater productive in your work place.

New, sleek and Reliable systems supplied
One thing that  you need to be careful of is the type of system you’re getting. Unfortunately the way the industry works, is that some other suppliers will take short cuts by supplying you with outdated machines. QLD vending is different we  make the whole process easy for both of us. We will always supply you with a new modern designed BV machines which perform exceptionally well.

From our own experience, there is nothing worse than having a system that is constantly out of order. Our BV5 model is our largest size system available, and we know you’ll just love it! We are here for the long term, and our machines are too!

Our BV3 and BV5 models come with coin slots, note readers and credit card readers.

There has never been a better time to order your own vending machine for free today. If you live in QLD, you can simply phone our office on 1300 629 153. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (central standard time). Alternatively, you can take a look at our contact page and send us an email.

Why Choose Us?System Specifications
We Provide Free Vending Machines To Your Work PlaceNote Reader
Australia's #1 Independent Supplier + 19 years experienceCoin Slide Technology (no more coin jams)
Free Delivery & InstallationLED Lighting (energy efficient)
Modern & Reliable Systems SuppliedMade with Glass Front display
No Lock In ContractIvend Guaranteed Delivery System
Old and new units for sale2 sizes available (small and large)
100% Australian OwnedHigh quality - built to last for years