Corporate Vending Services

We here at QLD Free Vending Systems continue to innovate and exceed customer expectations. We do this by staying competitively priced, continuing to increase our range of products, as well as improving our customer service on a continual basis.

We have much experience with providing vending machines to small businesses as well as large orgnisations, airports, fund raising event and everything in between.

Another part of our business is our wholesale range of vending food and beverages. Here we allow independent operators to start their own line of machines and purchase their stock directly from us. This has provedĀ  to be a lucrative as well as an enjoyable part of our operations.

We offer a wide variety of services which can be found below:

  • New and used vending systems for sale
  • Free vending systems for your workplace
  • Wholesale food and drinks
  • Machine repairs
  • Superior Support
  • Our willingness to share or 17 Years of Experience in this sector

If you’re after a machine to purchase, or you would like a no cost option to be installed at your workplace, we recommend you ask for our larger BV5 model. This unit is new, sleek and comes with the latest technology!

Please call us on 1300 629 153 today and our friendly & experienced staff or management will be happy to help you.