Healthy Products Range

Queensland FREE Vending can offer you not only the standard chips, chocolate and drinks layout but also a more health conscious range of products if you prefer.

We are surprised with the growing demand for healthy items that we have expanded our range even further.

A few of our healthy vending products include:

  • John West Tuna-To-Go (Tomato & Basil 4 PK)
  • Mainland Cheese On-the-Go
  • Future Bake Nut Bar (55gram)- Almond and Apricot
  • Future Bake Cookies (90gram)- White Choc Mac and Double Choc
  • Future Bake Stay Slim (75gram)- Mixed Berry Slice
  • Future Bake Choc Fudge Brownie (62gram)
  • Sunrise Indian (microwavable meals) Butter or Coconut Chicken, Beef, Rogan Josh)
  • Stripped Coconut Water
  • Musashi Protein Drinks