New Vending Machines QLD

If you’re after the best new vending machines, why not take a look at our own range of systems? We offer Australia’s highest quality models and are we are competitively priced.

The main type of system we stock is of course your typical food/drinks combo machines. These come in both BV3 (small) and also a much larger size called the BV5. new vending machine QLD Fortunately for you, there is nothing typical about these particular systems, as you’ll soon come to see.

Vending machines have come a long way since the earlier days of regular coin jams, malfunction issues and limited capacity. The BV3 and BV5 contain only the latest in vending technology and will be sure to please just about anyone.

Some benefits to choosing our models include:

  • Inbuilt note reader
  • Coin jam prevention technology
  • I-vend guaranteed delivery system
  • Large capacity
  • Strong front display glass
  • Wheelchair accessible keypad
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Modern sleek design

You can get this machine for FREE
No the above is not a typo, nor a claim to good to be true. In fact hundreds of Australian business all over the country have already taken advantage of our generous no cost vending system promotion. You too can contact us if you would like us to deliver, install and also regularly restock the system for you. This offer only applies to businesses or companies who would like a system to use at their work place. If you’re a very small business orĀ  individual who would like one , we do have them available for sale.

Other Benefits To HavingĀ  A Vending Machine At Your Work Place:

  • Keep your staff happy and cure hungry stomachs
  • Staff may be more productive due to increased energy levels
  • An easy way to provide healthier options if desired
  • A hassle free way of offering vending, we do all the work

If you’re interested, please contact us today on 1300 629 153 and we’ll assist you in any way that we can.