PPE Vending Machines

PPE vending systems are one of the newer types of machines we stock in our warehouse.  They’re ideal for workplaces where a regular amount of safety equipment is stored/used. This could include mines where safety hats and goggles are used on a regular basis.

The main advantage of choosing to use a PPE vending machine is because they allow you to safely store your items as well as keep track of inventory levels. This ends up being a huge benefit of these machines as they can save you thousands of dollars, as they reduce the amount of equipment stolen or misplaced. ppe-system

Unfortunately companies do lose a lot of money due to staff members choosing to take home supplies from work. By having your employees use our PPE Smart card system, this will make it impossible for them to take your items home with them, as each item is tracked to the user.

A South Australian Bottling/Packaging company recently shared with us that they were able to cut down their usage by almost 50%.  This has saved them a lot of money while also allowing them to enjoy the additional benefits of our PPE machines.

Benefits Of Our PPE System:

  • Reduce consumption, reduce workplace theft, save money
  • Showcase your companies dedication to workplace safety
  • Stay ahead of OH&S regulations
  • Keep track of your equipment (who it is dispensed to)
  • Keep track of your inventory levels
  • Make your workplace safe,  less cluttered and more tidy

How A Safety PPE Machine Works: ppeworksqld

  1. All Users are assigned their own smart card
  2. Each machine has a smart card reader which works in conjunction with the cards issued
  3. The user simply needs to swipe their card in the machine reader
  4. The user then selects their desired item
  5. The item is then dispensed
  6. In the background, the in built system will track various details of the transaction

What Details Can be Tracked

  • Details of the user (Name and id details)
  • Details of the item dispensed (Name, Size, Location)
  • Details of the date & time the item is dispensed
  • Details on the items inventory levels

Do The Cards Contain Any Value/Money

No. The RFID cards have no money assigned to them, they are just used to dispense items and record details.

What Items Am I Able To Store In A PPE System

  • Gloves
  • Safety Helmets
  • Ear Muffs
  • Band-Aids
  • Respirators
  • Shoes
  • Clothing

How Can I Order One & How Much Do They Cost

Please contact us on 1300 629 153 for more information. Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm (CST).

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