Vending Machine Specs

FREE Queensland Vending Machines has been in the vending industry for over 17 years. When it comes to vending machines and related products, we have seen it all! What makes us different to other companies, is that we don’t charge you anything at all!

Other companies like to make huge markups which can cost you many thousands of dollars.

What Free QLD Vending can do for you is offer free vending machines for anyone living in the Queensland area. The reason we can do this is because by taking our machines you’re also doing us a favour by stocking our products, while at the same time offering your employees all sorts of yummy snacks to get them through the busy work week.

Amazing Features Of The Machine:

You’ll Be Able To Stock A Large Range Of Products – (chocolates, chips, soft drinks, bottled water, milks, yogurts)

Energy Efficient & 40% Cheaper To Run - Our machines have modern technology in them. More specifically they have an insulation pad located above keeping the bottom section to a constant set temperature (as low as 1 degree if you like) with the top section keeping ten degrees warmer. This is handy if you need to stock items which require different temperatures.

New LED lights- Improves the presentation of stock displayed in the machine & also reduces your energy costs up to 40% over fluro machines.

Confidence Is Guaranteed- Improves customer satisfaction with our iVend Guaranteed Delivery System which can reduce the amount of  service calls for mis-loaded products.

New Coin Technology – Our new models contain a special coin slide that reduces the number of coins the user of the machine can place at once. This addition will eliminate the possibility of  coin jams occurring which is a big problem in the past.

Disabled Friendly Keypad Our machines can be used by anyone, even the disabled! The key pads & coin slot are correctly situated in an ideal position on the machine for wheelchair access.

Lots of Space Inside -  Our machines are more than large enough to fit a wide variety of products. This not only gives the user more to choose from bu also will reduce the number of times the machine must be refilled

Quality Guaranteed - Our machines are made up of only quality parts containing the CoinCo Guardian Coin Mechanism as well as the CoinCo note reader.

  • BV3 Model Dimensions: Height: 1830mm, width: 760mm, depth: 830mm
  • BV5 Model Dimensions: Height: 1830mm, width: 1035mm, depth: 830mm

Other Machines
If you require something a little different to the typical snacks machine, Queensland FREE Vending can also provide you with more specialised machines such as our healthy options range and ppe vending machines.

If you this all sounds good and you’re ready to order your FREE vending machine, as long as you live in the Queensland area, then we urge you to contact us on 1300 629 153. We are highly experienced in all things FREE QLD vending machines & our friendly team will assist you in getting your machine as fast as possible.